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The Color Condition: Alteronce Gumby Makes Dark Matter Among Rising Rainbows


Gumby has been making immense, breathtaking wall works in New York City for over a decade. Though he walks along the extended path that winds around early Suprematists like Kazimir Malevich and midcentury American abstract greats like Reinhardt, Whitten, Pollock and Gilliam, Gumby has indeed created something new in his work out of something eternal in the history of high arts: color. It begets emotional living, it alerts our senses, it signals caution and care, it envelops life and death. Of course, color is so much more to Gumby – and all of us, too. As it greatly informs his life’s perspective and his bejeweled, luminous, galactic works, Gumby and motion picture director John Campbell have also made a forthcoming feature documentary about it entitled – you guessed it – Color.  

After having shown his artwork in such cherished, blue-chip commercial venues as Hauser & Wirth and Gladstone Gallery in New York, Gumby is now set for his first institutional solo exhibition, Dark Matter, at the Allentown Art Museum in Pennsylvania. He feels that the work in the show acts as an analogy about the social value and reconfigured meanings of race and identity, while also alluding to his necessarily concurrent lifelong interest in space, the stars above and interplanetary travel. And you can see it in virtually every piece.

Dark Matter
Allentown Art Museum
31 North Fifth Street
Allentown, PA 18101


Alteronce Gumby

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