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Paul Paiement: Nexus

By Stephen Wozniak
Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, May 2023


“You might say the distinction of the artificial from the natural is a very artificial distinction. The constructs of human beings are really not any more unnatural than beehives and bird nests. They are extensions of ourselves.”

– Alan Watts, philosopher

Paiement’s artwork is truly relevant right now. It identifies – and perhaps even reconciles – supposed key differences between our precious organic natural world and the artificial constructions we create within it. It also almost reverses the common narrative that humans routinely destroy the environment by presenting “manmade” features, such as skyscrapers, vacation homes and industrial parks, which – in Paiement’s art – are deceptively integrated into their serene and realistic landscape surroundings, yet still beeline their case to viewers. Since seemingly too much urban architecture abounds today, we often subconsciously assume that its wall-to-wall displacement, occupancy – and providence – is our birthright and, conversely, our death right. But we are not doomed, as such; Paiement’s work reminds us that we still have a chance at doing good, expanding our horizons and getting it right. Maybe there’s no such thing as “getting it right.” Perhaps, it’s just an attempt at positive positioning. Well, even in our necessary, heroic or disastrous attempts to build out this world, “it’s all perfect,” as the Zen masters and students would tell us. Paul Paiement might just positively agree.

Tufenkian Fine Arts
216 South Louise Street

Glendale, California 91205
Exhibition: May 6 – June 17, 2023           
Instagram: @tufenkianfinearts
Telephone: +1 (818) 484-5688

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