Stephen Wozniak
Morado rosewood, epoxy, 24K gold leaf
Italian brass cabinet knob, gloss urethane

2″ H x 1 3/4″ W x 3 1/2″ D
Collection of Sandy Skoglund

A goldbricker is something with only a superficial appearance of value, like a worthless clay brick covered in imitation foil leaf that appears to be gold. It also refers to a person who is paid for work that isn’t performed, despite industrious appearances. The same thing can be said of consumer goods that decidedly represent class or cultural identity with fake materials. But how do we perceive authentic materials in unusual formats that don’t support an accepted identity, whether wealthy, middle-class or poor? Do these materials and formats help us to better understand the subjective and abstract market value of a common or rare object? Do they point to more essential human values? Goldbricker, made of real Morado rosewood, 24-karat gold and pure brass, instead of synthetic veneer, replica leaf and brass finish, raises these and other questions. The piece offers a symbolic handle for audiences to access the container of answers they may seek. While the perception of its material value might be easily acknowledged, I hope the work’s spiritual, aesthetic and intellectual significance is also felt and recognized.