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By Stephen Wozniak

Superfine Art Fair
May 2–5, 2024
151 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036


If you scrolled down and stopped here to read this review, it’s likely you’re an art lover and, perhaps, an art buyer. Or, equally important, you’re an artist who seeks to sell the great art you make. With that, I bring you—buyers and sellers—the Superfine Art Fair (SAF)! Now in its tenth year of operation, this direct-to-consumer aesthete expo continues to set up shop in major markets—from San Francisco and Washington, D.C. (one of their best!) to Savannah and, of course, Manhattan, the reigning center of the commercial western art world. Running from May 2–5 of this year, the Superfine Art Fair in New York is a collector’s paradise, which pairs art-making purveyors with proud and caring flesh-and-blood purchasers, cutting out the middleperson, so that artists reap all of the earnings in order to keep their practice, well, in practice. At the SAF, the price is right—many of the works on sale rarely reach above the ten-thousand-dollar mark and most cost a reasonable $500 to $3,500. Print editions? They’ve got ‘em—high-quality limited works at bargain prices. Among the alternative art fairs emerging in the United State, Superfine is creating a niche right between the biggies and the locals—positioning itself to be the best accessible art event coming to a city near you.

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