Stephen Wozniak
Colonial Square Circling The Wagons
Pine wood, MDF, acrylic paint
16” Diameter

Colonial Square Circling The Wagons refers to the moral quandary that Colonialism has left descendants of early American settlers who escaped religious and economic oppression but subjugated natives in new lands to establish their freedom and stake their claim. It also refers to the parallel representation and break from Colonial design tradition over time.

To “square the circle” is to do something that is considered impossible.

In its literal sense, square the circle means to ‘construct a square equal in area to a given circle’. Since this problem is incapable of a purely geometrical solution, the phrase has developed a more general application and is used to refer to an attempt to do something impossible.

Nothing is impossible. Something is always possible.

Colonial Square Circling The Wagons was exhibited in the exhibition This is the Future of Non-Objective Art at Atlantic Gallery in New York City from February 13 – March 2, 2024.